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Ariane Schurmann

"I always was a pioneeress"

Ariane is a pioneeress in the field of Natural Living; almost 20 years ago she brought Natural HorseManShip to Italy, and after that also The Journey.

After living in the High Alps, far away from civilization for 12 years, building and leading a biological farm, she imported Natural Horsemanship and Natural Healing Methods to Italy and contributed to the long lasting transformation of thousands of lives, inspiring people to transition from a normal to a natural state of wellbeing -  deep and authentic.

Being a mother of three free children, Ariane managed also to become a certified Health Counselor, Journey Practitioner and Presenter, Seminar and Retreat Leader and author of 5 books.

She co-founded the AsvaNara Academy in Tuscany, and the Journey Movement in Italy. Her deepest passion is to inspire women to live life as a powerful expression of their innate divine nature.

"I love to inspire women"

After a financial breakdown, followed by years of burn out she successfully healed herself finding the pearl of wisdom – there is nothing to fix in me, I am a divine woman.

This discovery -  allowing her to live a fulfilled and happy life, with wellbeing and true freedom as well as healthy relationships - she compressed into a 4 day Retreat liberating each woman, ready to step up and be free, thus inviting women to courageously free themselves.

Ariane lives in Tuscany with her beloved husband Edwin, her young daughter Nell and all of her horses, dogs and cats, when she is not travelling around the globe, sharing her wisdom and enjoying life. 

Edwin Wittwer

"The horse is your mirror"

Before becoming one of Europe’s finest horsemanship teacher, Edwin had to witness several accidents and bad experiences in the world of horses which nearly caused him to turn his back on his passion for good.

It was only after meeting a natural horseman who introduced him to the art of natural horsemanship that everything got turned around - Edwin’s life with horses dramatically changed.

Edwin began to truly understand horses, learning how they think and why they act a certain way. Thus he developed security, self-confidence and a unique competence in handling horses. Thanks to his mentor and teacher he himself grew into a natural horseman, experiencing a shift from what used to be difficult and dangerous to now becoming easy, effortless… and simply natural. 

In the following 10 years Edwin travelled throughout Europe to teach natural horsemanship and how to lead a better and natural life with horses also to thousands of people.

"the biggest problem in the horse-human relationship are emotions"

His greatest discovery during those years was the insight of how human emotions and the capacity to control them constitute the biggest problem when dealing with horses as they are the perfect mirrors - horses can throw you off balance and cause an outburst of emotions you would rather not show, consciously or unconsciously.

Therefore it became more and more a focus in Edwin’s teaching to develop his students’ personality and to give each of them the opportunity to directly work on themselves, to grow and change … instead of simply blaming the horse for its behavior. 

His knowledge and experience with horses is passed on and continuously revised at the AsvaNara Academy, which he founded in 2004 together with his wife Ariane. Edwin’s personal mission is, to create a beautiful place on earth and to help people to become natural again, with horses, relationships, finances and the planet. He is living his mission and vision first of all together with his own family!

Ariane Schurmann
Edwin Wittwer