experience unity with horses, naturally… and find yourself meet yourself and the horse – in your full potentialbeing a woman, simply divine… reconnect with the Goddess insideexperience nature in its purest form in the garden of “Saint Francis”

Beloved, shining, precious Donna Divina

Donna Divina X-mas Holiday


Beloved, shining, precious Donna Divina!

Wow, Christmas is here now, and there might be some really freaky doing-doing energy around. Getting into your being-ness might be challenging and refusing to take on board the temptation to become a human doing (instead of remaining a human being) and to forget about the whole Donna Divina SHE business, right?

I have been tempted from the little Tuscan village I live in; anxiety, stress, wanting to bring something to completion, a crazy need to buy all kinds of things, while already being late in all those preparations – this is the energy which tried to “get” me. It’s all around.

A huge ‘lack off’ consciousness came up too; whispering about the lack of money, generating more fear and terror, lack of love and comprehension, the need for more, spiced with a need for different things from the ones available … those kinds of energies have been longing to inhabit my beautiful SHE BODY, as those uninvited guests we spoke about at the Donna Divina Initiation Retreat.

And oh my Goddess, I am so grateful for my DD Sisters who continue to hold me to a higher standard each time we get together in our sacred circle, for being free and living in Being-ness instead of Doing-ness and for the gift to just falling right back into HER, refusing the temptation to go and live in the lie of who I am not!

Blessed Being as HER, life is just so delicious! Christmas can come and go, in this.

I really, really, really wish the same for you. If you feel overwhelmed, not enough, tried, tempted, empty, lonely, wrong, or any of those energies coming through you, please remember;


Go through the “E – PURIFICATION” and then come back to live with HER, as HER, in HER.

If you can’t do it alone, call your Donna Divina Buddy. Or come together in a Donna Divina Circle.

I just felt I wanted to remind you, dear Beauty!


So, now onto some great news:

Women rising from the Flames – Book Launch

The first Donna Divina Book was published and launched in Italy last month.

BIG, BIG Thank You! It’s been very warmly received. SHE really knows what SHE is doing

I am now looking forward to seeing the book published in English, German, Slovak, Czech and Romanian… Yeah!

Donna Divina International Calendar 2016

please check the calendar here

You are very warmly invited to come as a Donna Divina Angel (if your heart wishes) or to re-sit the whole Retreat again at any of the above dates/location. 

Come for yourself and/or bring the beloved Women of your tribe. You know how valuable this initiation is!

Please remember, spaces in the Retreats are limited, so please reserve your space as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Special invitation to support the

Donna Divina Initiation Retreat in Germany 16 – 20 March

Do you speak German, even just a little bit? We are still in need of beautiful DD Angels so please come and support this DD Initiation Retreat. This Retreat is almost booked out, only 8 spaces for participating women are still available – for more information please click here  (sorry, it’s in German)


Donna Divina Female Leadership Camp in Italy, 7 – 13 August

An incredibly special invitation to join the Female Leadership Camp.

Oh yeah, I opened. I have been asked by you and I have been asked by HER, “Please offer something to go deeper!”

In my personal opinion, nothing else is needed after the DD Initiation Retreat. We are home. We live as HER, life is easy, and life is beautiful. We have each other to remind and support us, and we have the few tools we need to enjoy this life. So, you are either initiated or you are not.

I still believe this. And…the desire to spend more time together with you, especially following your Donna Divina Initiation, is really, really strong.

And yes, while there is nothing to improve, we can go deeper into HER together.

So, here is the idea: The Donna Divina Female Leadership Camp.

A Camp in HER purest nature, in paradise, in the sacred garden of S. Francis - this incredibly vast space I call home. You and me, together at my home for a whole week!

Playing, going deeper together, and allowing female leadership to settle into our Being.

The horses are ready to be our mirrors, our guides. I am fluent in Horse Language and teaching it, having lived with them for 30 years. I am confident you’d greatly benefit from allowing your own conversation with Horse to unfold.

Exploring the blocks to female leadership in your physical form, opening enough to look into the Magic Soul mirror that your own horse will be putting up for you (oh yes, you will get your own horse … for the week only - you can’t take it home then, ok?)

Paul Hunting,  author of “Why talk to a guru …?!” states;  “Who needs a guru when there are horses?” And I strongly agree.

We will become crystal clear in what Female Leadership is. You will be certain when and how to lead like the Queen, the Wise Woman, embody the Warrioress and allow Love to lead HER life.

You will learn how to deal with and find clarity in the role each feminine essence plays - Kali, Durga and even the more shadowy aspects of HER.

And we will have fun, overcome challenges, go really deep and grow into this depth in a very practical and useable way for our day to day lives on this physical planet.

So this is my Christmas present to you. Who wants to spend exclusive private time with me in my paradise?

The Donna Divina Leadership Camp comes with an energy appreciation request of 2.000 €, this includes; your accommodation (in a teepee, oh yeah, wow!), healthy food, your own horse and all you need around the horse, our deep program (intense, and also very relaxing, much different to the Retreat) and MY full attention to you from morning to night (oh my Goddess!).

We will only be accepting 10 Donna Divina’s maximum, with a few DD Angels around, so the maximum size of this exclusive group is 12-14 women, to ensure a completely individually tailored experience.

And as a Christmas present for this very first time in all of times that it is happening, the energy appreciation request is half of the real price! Yes, you can come for only 1.000 €!

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested, just answer to this e-mail right now, so I can feel you already and become even happier.

Press on the “Reply” button and write

1.       YES I am coming, or

2.       I need to know more before I decide to come, or

3.       Ariane, this is a real stupid idea but I love you anyway, or

4.       Whatever else is your truth!

From the bottom of my heart to yours, I would like to let you know, how proud I am of you and I thank you for your courage, your thirst for truth, your longing for freedom, your strength, your power, and your incredible trust in HER!

Hugging you softly, with deep love and may SHE protect you, always!


PS. Wishing you relaxing and loving X-mas holidays and a fulfilled Year 2016! Enjoy the little X-mas greeting video!