AsvaNara - Horse & Human

A natural relationship with horses is possible

For thousands of years, horses were loyal companions of humanity and yet, it’s still very rare to observe a truly natural and harmonious relationship between man and horse.

Mostly horses are dominated by force and intimidation and therefore react with fear and uncertainty, everyday problems like – can’t catch him – won’t load in the trailer – can’t cross water – spooking and running away from every little thing – those problems will fade away once we begin to understand horses in their nature and start to communicate with them. This requires openness, heartship and understanding, but it is possible ...

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What is AsvaNara ?

AsvaNara is a natural communication and riding method created by Ariane and Edwin, as well as the name of their Academy in Tuscany, where the couple lives together with their horses. The name „AsvaNara“ is a Sanskrit word and literally means „HorseHuman“. 

Based on trust and mutual respect, AsvaNara teaches authentic, deep knowledge of the horse and its language in order to create a natural, harmonious relationship between horses and people. AsvaNara is for all horse lovers; a method that leads to success without force, to cooperation without intimidation, and to harmony without pressure.

In AsvaNara you will discover what true partnership really means and how it feels once the horse becomes a part of you. You will learn how horses feel, think and act, why they do what they do and how they establish their place in the herd by dominance games.

But instead of dominating these animals with intimidation, you will understand who you have to become in order to be seen as their natural leader. This process is about love, trust and respect, creating a common language and uncover all the qualities that are already within you.

How is AsvaNara different ?

In traditional riding the focus is mostly upon the physical training of the horse while its mental and emotional fitness are ignored. This however often leads to severe problems while riding or while beeing on the ground and usually it is the horse that takes the blame.

Naturally humans and horses are the opposite species: humans are predators whereas horses are flight animals, that't the reason why our relationship is so tricky. The horse’s flight instinct paired with man’s aggressive behavior is bound to cause misunderstanding, frustration and in fact most of the problems.

AsvaNara is a way that guides you step by step to a successful relationship with horses: understanding their nature, psychology and social behavior will give you the key to establish a natural, effective and deeply connected relationship with the horse - exactly how you have always dreamed it would be.

Why HorseHuman ?

Horses are masters in making us loose our temper and react in a way we're not proud of and we would rather keep well hidden. In fact, the greatest challenge in working with horses is controlling one’s own emotions. 

The AsvaNara approach means to get to know yourself, to question and discard old habits, to work on yourself, to grow and thus allow your true potential to unfold. AsvaNara is a way of self-development through the mirror provided by our horses  - they reflect honestly, thereby telling us the truth and showing us each and every moment who we really are. 

To become an AsvaNara - a HorseHuman - therefore means to let your potential fully unfold, with your horse as well as in any other area of your life!

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AsvaNara - discover your Self
   ... it's the subtle difference, immediately felt by horses

Passion, Relationship, Competence & Technique
                                                          ... this is AsvaNara

Ariane & Study

The mission of AsvaNara  is to create a natural world for horses and humans and teaching all the knowledge that's needed to create a safe, harmonious and joyous relationship.

Edwin & Barney

"Horses never tell lies, they just show you who you really are"

                   ... also You can become a real HorseHuman !