Donna Divina - Divine Woman

She is warm, hot, mysterious, vast, gentle, infinite, full of light, shining, full of fragrance, eternal, blissful, crazy, lively, free, fit, intangible, all-embracing, strong, shy, hidden, loving, fiery and fresh.

She is love itself in all possible forms - She lives inside of you - in every woman. 

Donna Divina comes to inspire you. To wake up, to live fully. She is calling you home, connecting you with your infinite power, your full female potential. She makes you blossom - in every aspect of your life. She allows you to live your true Self, fully and totally.

What is Donna Divina

Donna Divina is true, permanent transformation, She is a process, conceived by women, for women, with women, feminine - without compromise. 

Lovingly, gently and elegantly dancing she is seducing you to go deep – uncovering  your strongest blocks, your most hidden fears that maybe still keep you trapped and then … just in the right moment, she takes the sword of truth and cuts you free - free from who you thought you were, to becoming the woman you really are.

The awakening of true femminine

Liberate yourself and start shining in all of your splendor. Love yourself just as you are, including your body! Live and discover the magic of womanhood. Free yourself of all compromises and live your own truth.

Nourish and care for your innate beauty and turn pain and deficits into strength and abundance. Create a new life for yourself - the feminine way!

Find yourself

Today, in our masculine dominated world,  unfortunately most women live their lives without ever experiencing the full beauty and power within themselves! 

Donna Divina seminars , Dea Coaching, books and retreats serve as long-forgotten tools for women to transform lead into gold, and live in freedom and 100% feminine!

It is so important that each woman has the opportunity at least once in her life to experience this process - to truly find herself and merge with the Goddess, who is breathing, moving, living and calling her. That is the mission of Donna Divina! She is a precious diamond!

  • Would you love to rediscover your vast feminine power, that has been seemingly lost for centuries? 
  • Are you fed up trying to continuously improve yourself, only in order to maybe find some happiness?
  • Are you tired of always looking for that missing „something“?

With Donna Divina - after meeting „Her“ - each day of your life will be filled with joy, happiness, easiness and a permanent, deep, delicious connection to your true being.

... and that’s a promise!

                                                                     ⇒ read here "the Return of the Goddess"

here is a taste of Donna Divina energy, have a look:


I am
so much more

and golden flames
burn right through me

they transform into gold
whatever I touch

That is truth - Thank you!

   What woman say ...

"Donna Divina – a divine mix!“   Roberta

“An unexpected explosion and the old world suddenly ceased to exist!“    Daniela

"Before Donna Divina and after a lot of hard work on myself I didn’t really understand anything! Now I know who resides in my body!"   Sonia

"The retreat was so intense, I had the impression of being in a fitness club, doing extreme exercising, sometimes I even wanted to escape from all of that intensity… and then, on the last day, I was so completely transformed, there was no milligram of weariness in my body and now, back home for a month, I still have this powerful glow like after a week of first-class beauty and wellness treatments in a five-star-resort… just infinitely better!“   Monica