The Golden Oaks Ranch

A magical place in Tuscany

We have the privilage to live in a very special place, the „Golden Oaks Ranch“, often simply referred to as „AsvaNara“. Situated in a picturesque north-eastern corner of Tuscany, next to Umbria, Le Marche and Emilia Romagna in the midst of the Appenine mountains, this is the valley of Saint Francis of Assisi, where he lived in harmony with nature during his last years on the mountain „La Verna“. 

Energetically, this special place may also be called „Garden of Saint Francis“, for its pristine, holy, high-energy, open, magical, mystical, natural and open beauty and power - which in turn inspires truth, simplicity and silence all by itself. 

AsvaNara is place for self-discovery, in fact all of our activities here aim to make Francesco’s heritage a living experience by supporting our visitors to re-discover their natural rhythm and carry it on back at home. 

Some history

For almost 3 years we travelled all of Italy in the search of the perfect place. Having visited no less than 89 potential properties, when we saw number 88, the „Golden Oaks Ranch“ we immediately had a sense of having arrived home. Despite of many obstacles that had to be dealt with first, it was clear from the very beginning that this would be the place to manifest the vision of Ocean of Life. 

The ranch had been deserted for almost 20 years, roads and pathways were overgrown and the old stone houses laid in ruins. Still the entire place exuded a magical and magnetic energy, therefore we signed the sales agreement in the summer of 2002.

An important search criteria has always been the feeling of „Bonanza“ - wide open spaces, wilderness and freedom - which is exactly what can be found here! Hills and slopes, meadows and forests… the Golden Oaks Ranch perfectly suits the AsvaNara herd of free living horses and immediately supports us human beings to return to our awareness and nature. 

Traces of this place lead all the way back to the middle ages, the fortress of Mignano which can be seen on the other side of the valley was built in the 11th century and used as an entrance on the way to the holy mountain „La Verna“. Later, the monastery of St. Francis of Assisi was built on that mountain, with the pilgrims’ route towards the monastery passing directly next to the ranch and sometimes it seems that even 800 years later St. Francis’ heritage is  still tangible here today.

A new beginning

And the place started to flourish, in spring 2004 we constructed the riding facilities and arenas and welcomed our first students and visitors in the summer. As a true oasis for students and horses, the beauty and silence of the ranch along with breathtaking views remain a dear and thoroughly nourishing memory for our visitors. Living in the open all year round, our AsvaNara herd of approximately 20 horses is also thoroughly enjoying the vast meadows, hills and forests. 

In the fall of 2005 we moved into the newly constructed house with our children, that gave us the opportunity to truly immerse ourselves with the unique energy and beauty of the place and to share it with others. In the summer of 2007 the wooden huts were built and became a special point of interest for our visitors and students, because here they could experience the true meaning of living with nature: chirping crickets, birds singing, fireflies in the warm summer nights, the milky way on a clear starry sky, sometimes also a rabbit, a deer and even a wild boar… and of course, the free living horses! 

Whatever we construct we make a point in conserving the naturalness of the place. All electric and phone cables as well as water pipes run below the ground, rain water is collected and re-used. We also practice Feng Shui and other techniques to clear the energy, let go of old blockage and to combine nature and spirituality. All of these aspects make AsvaNara a truly special and powerfully rejuvenating place. 


Since the beginning it was our dream to enhance the beauty of this place with projects like permaculture as well as other regenerative forms of energy such as biomass, solar and wind park. This will lead to making the best use of our 210 acres of land and forests, thereby becoming energetically and financially independent whilst setting an important example in the shift of how we are using the planet’s natural resources. 

Our vision for this place therefore is to be self-sufficient, autonomous and independent, meaning a wide selection of food will be grown and harvested directly on the ranch for residents and animals. Permaculture is the best method in our opinion, as it follows and respects nature’s law, helping to let St. Francis garden blossom… a great example of living healthy and naturally yet with all the modern benefits. 

To achieve these projects we are looking for like-minded partners, that are just as passionate about creating a self-sufficient oasis for many generations to come - as a symbol of freedom and authenticity.

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